Simplify any Object in your SketchUp Model

Skimp can reduce the amount of faces,  drastically reduce SketchUp file size, and simplify your SketchUp model while maintaining the visual appearance.

Unfortunately, SketchUp was not built to handle millions of polygons.

With Skimp, you don’t need a supercomputer just to use a high-quality sofa or bed model from the 3D Warehouse.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse model optimization and file size reduction
This model was imported from the 3D Warehouse and the file size was reduced from 33 MB to 9MB with no significant change in appearance

Selective Simplification

Select any number of groups and components in your SketchUp model, and Skimp can optimize them in seconds.

It couldn’t be simpler! Just drag a slider until you are satisfied!

How to simplify your SketchUp model example
Simplification should be Simple, right?

Skimp also preserves your model hierarchy. This means that components and nested objects are maintained.

Accurate Polygon Reduction in SketchUp

3D Printing and CAD / CAM applications cannot sacrifice accuracy when reducing the polygons of a model.

With Skimp, you can specify an error tolerance distance for simplifying your SketchUp model. Therefore, you can be certain that the details that fall within the tolerance will be preserved.

Simplification tolerance example
Skimp preserves Details when simplifying

Stop struggling with bloated high-poly models! It’s time to start enjoying SketchUp again, with Skimp!